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Committees and Volunteers

Wondering how to help our school? Take a look at the 2013-2014 volunteer opportunities listed below and get involved today!

After-School Enrichment Program
Chair: Dana Gramaglia
Coordinate and monitor the after-school enrichment program.

CYO Basketball Program
Chair: Rob Sullivan
There are many opportunities to volunteer in the sports program: coaches and assistant coaches, registrar and scheduling, uniform and equipment, coordinate the concession stand for home games, school/parish liaison and treasurer, and fundraising administrator.

Book Fair
Chair: Shevaun Doyle
Promote, organize, set up book displays, manage sales, or help with break-down.

Christmas Tree/Wreath Sale
Chair: Joe & Irene Agro
Coordinate purchase and sale of trees, wreaths and poinsettias.

Chair: Madeline Seguinot
Plan and coordinate cultural events for students, such as workshops and live shows.

Calendar Raffle
Chair: Parents’ Guild Vice-President and Co-Vice-President
Coordinate sales and tracking of calendar raffle tickets sold in the Fall. Record and report on progress for this 3-month daily drawing that begins in January.

Class Parent
See Class Parents’ List
Class Parents are provided with a handbook that lists their roles and responsibilities. General responsibilities include: contacting parents in the event of a school emergency, attending Parents’ Guild meetings, coordinating parent involvement for Guild activities, accompanying class on field trips (at teacher’s discretion), assisting in school fundraising activities, organizing class parties (coordinate with teacher), organizing Heritage Day for class, organizing Food Coupon sale one month a year, attending the NY Archdiocese “Safe Environment” program.

Drama Club
Chair: Jerry Zarra
Plan and coordinate annual school production

Faculty and Staff Appreciation Luncheon
Chair: Jackie Vanover
Plan and coordinate Faculty Appreciation Lunch

Fall Family Picnic
Chair: 3rd Grade Class Parents
Organize this September outing for families.

Community Service

Chair: Mary Romagnoli
Coordinate and moderate 7th- and 8th-grade students as they explore interesting and fulfilling community-service activities.

Heritage Food Day

Chair: Class Parents
Plan and coordinate Heritage Food Day.

Chair: Vacant
Help straighten and shelve books in the library.

Parents’ Guild Membership
Record and maintain Guild membership roster.

Parish Council Liason
Chair: Roger Rooney
Serve as a liaison between church and school to ensure there is an exchange of information and coordination between both groups.

Chair: Susan Schaeffer
Provide playground and cafeteria supervision during lunch and lunchtime recess.

School Annual Appeal
Chair: Gina Fonte
Manage annual appeal mailings and production of annual report.

School Alumni Events
Chair: Roger Rooney
Organize and promote annual alumni basketball game and reception.

School Alumni Association
Chair: OPEN
Build and cultivate the alumni community through communications and events.

School Alumni Database
Chair: OPEN
Build and maintain alumni database.

School Development and Grant Writing
Chair: Roger Rooney
Identify funding opportunities, research grants, and write grant proposals.

School Marketing
Chair: Vacant
Promote the School mission.

School Newsletter
Chair: Vacant
Manage development and production of The Transfiguration School Times newsletter that is published three times a year.

School Open House
Chair: Gina Fonte
Organize and promote three open houses held during the school year.

School Public Relations
Chair: Vacant
Gather list of press contacts, develop press releases, and, identify and promote media opportunities to enhance image and build community awareness.

School Scrip Program
Chair: Gina Fonte
Help promote and manage the school scrip program.

Passive Fund Raising
Chair: Georgine Morabito
Help promote and manage Box Tops for Education and other programs.

Spring Auction and Benefit

Chair: Vacant
Coordinate this annual event with assistance from class parents. Includes event promotions, procuring and cataloguing auction items, set-up, live auction, decorations, food, bar, entertainment, take-down and check out.

Spring $20,000 Raffle
Chair: Liz and Roger Rooney
Coordinate sales and tracking of tickets for $20,000 raffle.

Wrapping Paper Sale
Chair: Dana Gramaglia
Coordinate this fundraiser from promotion through order fulfillment and delivery.

Chair: Sheila Coughlin
Collect photographs throughout the year of classroom activities, field trips, science projects, school concerts, etc. Help with the layout and production work necessary to prepare the yearbook for the publisher.

Volunteering is a great way to be part of the community at Transfiguration School. Not only is volunteering a wonderful way to meet other parents, but helps you ensure that you are making an impact.

Your help is needed with programs and projects, fundraisers, sports, open-house tours; in classrooms—and many other activities. If you aren’t sure how you can help, simply complete and return the “Volunteer Information Form”.

No matter how much time you have available, there is a job waiting for you—and new friends to help you do it!

Class Parents

2015 – 2016 Class Parents: List and Duties

Pre-K 3


Dana Gramaglia

Pre-K Graduation (June)
Class Call Tree (as needed)

Karen Mirabella
Laura Plunkett

Heritage Day (Jan.)
Kindergarten Graduation (June)
Class Call Tree (as needed)

1st Grade
Erin Moriarty
Amy Kennedy

Heritage Day (Jan.)
Class Call Tree (as needed)

2nd Grade
Dana Gramaglia                                                                                                         Sabrina Randazzo
Kristina Lambros

Heritage Day (Jan.)
Spring Auction and Fundraiser (April)
Class Basket Coordination (April)
Class Call Tree (as needed)

3rd Grade
Tricia McNally
Amy Kennedy

Family Picnic (Sept.)
Heritage Day (Jan.)
Class Call Tree (as needed)

4th Grade
Patricia Anello
Missy Ramoino

Christmas Tree and Wreath Sale (Dec.)
Heritage Day (Jan.)
Class Call Tree (as needed)

5th Grade
Georgine Morabito
Nicole Byrne

Christmas Tree and Wreath Sale (Dec.)                                                             Heritage Day (Jan.)
Class Call Tree (as needed)

6th Grade
Elizabeth RooneyRosanna Correia
Tina Zagrobelny

Heritage Day (Jan.)                                                                                                Spring Auction and Fundraiser (April)                                                                Class Call Tree (as needed)

7th Grade
Gina Mueller                                                                                                               Carrie Welch
Rosina Mourani                                                                                                        Susan Schaeffer

Heritage Day (Jan.)
7th & 8th Grade Valentine’s Day Dance (Feb.)
8th-Grade Graduation Dinner (June)
Class call Tree (as needed)

8th Grade
Mary Romagnoli                                                                                                    Madeline Seguinot

7th & 8th Grade Halloween Dance (Oct.-Feb.)
Heritage Day (Jan.)
8th-Grade Graduation Dance (June)
Class Call Tree (as needed)

copy of volunteer form for parents (see email attachments)