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Parents Guild

What is the Parents’ Guild?

The Parents’ Guild is a volunteer organization designed with a mission based on the morals and values of the Catholic Faith and promoting the partnership between family and school. This partnership fosters the spiritual and educational development of our children through activities, communication, and effective collaboration.

How does the Guild support the school?

The Guild is a very active organization that supports our school in a variety of way through fundraising programs, student events and programs, and social activities for parents and families.

Guild Meetings

Come to a monthly Parents’ Guild meeting to learn what’s going on at our School; volunteer for fundraising projects and activities, serve on a committee, enjoy the camaraderie of other dedicated parents and volunteers, and get to know what Transfiguration School is all about!

2017 Guild Meeting minutes

Parents’ Guild Minutes January 17 2017

Parents’ Guild Minutes November 7, 2016


Why get involved?

The involvement of parents plays an important role in the continued success of our students and our school. Transfiguration School has two very active parent organizations, the Parents’ Guild and the CYO Sports Program. These programs make a significant impact on our School, enriching the lives of our students, faculty, and coaches, beyond measure. Through their respective fundraising efforts, the Parents’ Guild and the CYO Sports Program are able to supplement programs that directly benefit our children.

Have an idea?

Idea and Proposal Form

Guild Events and Activities

The Guild helps plan and provide support for many student, family and faculty events including the Fall Family Picnic, Christmas Tree & Wreath Sale, Spring Auction, Field Day for students, Teacher and Staff Appreciation Luncheon, cultural and spiritual events, and the 7th and 8th grade dances.

Annual Dues and Obligations

Each family is assessed annual Guild membership dues of $75. this fee is assessed through Smart Tuition in the October statement.

Additionally each family is required to participate in at least $400 of fundraising for the Guild each school year. there are two options to fulfill this obligation:

Participate in the two major fundraisers of the Guild by selling/buying $200 worth of fall Calendar Raffle tickets and $200 worth of Spring Raffle tickets.

Or, direct donation of $400 without any further fundraising option. this donation is tax deductible. Each family choosing this option will receive a letter certifying their donation. the donation must be received by November 15th of the current school year to qualify.

Parent’s Guild Board 2016 – 2017

2015- 2016 Executive Board
Elizabeth Rooney, President

Madeline Seguinot, Co-President

Laura Plunkett,  Vice President

Tina Zagrobelny, Co-Vice President

Roger Rooney, Treasurer
Rowena Desimini, Assistant Treasurer
Felicia Grono, Secretary

Gina Fonte, School Principal