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Please download the form and send in today!
The drawing for the $20,000 raffle will take place on Saturday, April 21, 2018 in the Transfiguration School Gym.  Please join us from 6:00 – 8:00 pm for light appetizers, a cash bar, music, corn hole, a wine toss and more!  It isn’t necessary to be present to win, but all are invited to join us for a fun night!
Thank you,
Transfiguration School Parents’ Guild


  • 2/2/18

    Dear Parents,

    2018 Catholic Schools Week celebration was a success!!!!  The students enjoyed their dress down day, Heritage Day food, the Breakfast, pig race, and watching the faculty beat the 8th Grade in the volleyball game today.  We must give credit to the 8th Grade for beating the faculty in basketball on Thursday.  Thank you to our Parents’ Guild board and all our great Class Parents for arranging Heritage Day.

    Congratulations!!!! we collected 374 cans of soup for our “Souper Bowl”.  These soups will be given to the Transfiguration Church St. Vincent de Paul Society, who will distribute to families in our community.  Thank you. Don’t forget, we will have a dress down day on Monday, February 5th.

    Enrollment Referral Incentive Program –  As a means of promoting continued increases in enrollment at Transfiguration School, and to reward existing families for their efforts in promoting our school, an Enrollment Referral Incentive Program will be offered for the 2018-2019 school year.  The form with more information is located on the school’s under Recent News.  This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to promote our school and get a tuition credit of $250.00 for each new family registered, up to a maximum of $1,000.

    Registration for the 2018-2019 – Registration is now open for the 2018-2019 school year. Students in PK3 and K-7 was sent an email from TADS with a link to apply.  All students in PK4 that would like to attend Kindergarten at Transfiguration School must apply online at:

    Chicken Parm   lunch will be offered on Tuesday 2/6  for $3.00.

    St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Transfiguration School has been asked again to march in the Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow St. Patrick’s day parade on Sunday, March 11 at 1:30p.m  – Sign up forms we home last week. We would like to make a good school showing at this event and hope many families will join us. Please return your form on or before February 29.

Congratulate our Calendar Raffle Winners! Click here to see our winners.

1/1 -Zina Marku

1/2 Michele Patafio

1/3 Mrs. Patterson

1/4 Laura Saa

1/5 James Clark

1/6 The Desimini Family

1/7 Patrick Martin

1/8 Nabeel Sami

1/9 Marisa Mosca

1/10 Donna Lieval

1/11 Tanya Olson

1/12 Jerry Zarra

1/13 The Bhardwaj family

1/14 The Spinelli family

1/15 Mary Romagnoli

1/16 The Chung family

1/17 Marissa Spinelli

1/18 Jackie Vanover

1/19 Audrey Savage

1/20 Peggy Kraft

1/21 Theresa Espy

1/22 Elaine Smith

1/23 Ray McDonald

1/24 Laura Plunkett

1/25 Sami

1/26 Dawn-Marie Moyer

1/27 The Labroscian Family

1/28 Jeanine Santiago

1/29 Edwin Rivera

1/30 Sudha Pai

1/31 Barbara Elias

2/1 Martina Patterson

2/2 Laura Plunkett

2/3 Jori Yeruva

2/4 Gina Mueller

2/5 Raja Chris

2/6 Enna Escalona

2/7 I. Cardonna

2/8 John Lanzetta

2/9 Steven Lee Kong

2/10 J. Pereiras

2/11 Chloe Chung

2/12 R. Mendoza

2/13 Neel Bhardwaj

2/14 Herman Eberhardt

2/15 Christine Robinson

2/16 Kevin and Christina Sullivan

2/17 Anhelys Fernandez

2/18 Daisy Ortiz Perez

2/19 Christina Soddano

2/20 Kytsa Kyriakidis

2/21 Michah George

2/22 Scott Richter

2/23 A. Hurns

2/24 Anheyls Fernandez

2/25 Audrey Savage

2/26 Juan Chen

2/27 Maria Trusa

2/28 Marisa Mosca

3/1 Michael Vlacco

3/2 Kristina Lambros

3/3 Mr. Nick Morabito

3/4 James Clark

3/5 Karen Trumbetas

3/6 Dawn-Marie Moyer

3/7 Rochelle Plummer-Kong

3/8 AMy Miller

3/9 Meg Bloshuk

3/10 Filomena LoRusso

3/11 Joe Agro

3/12 Barbara Elias

3/13 Michelle Patafio

3/14 Judy Gabot

3/15 Stephanie Smith

3/16 Dana Gramaglia

3/17 Elydra Padro

3/18 Dayo Babaloloa

3/19 John Lanzetta

3/20 HErman Edberhardt

3/21 Audrea Knight

3/22 Greg Cox

3/23 CHristine Robinson

3/24 Donna Lieval

3/25 Justina Priras

3/26Rowena Desmini

3/27 Mary Collins

3/28 Frank Manfredi

3/29 Achille Fokoue

3/30 Joji Reddy Yeruva

3/31 Rita Ricciardella


Dear Parents,

I have just been notified by Tarrytown School District that we will be closed  tomorrow MARCH 14, 2017  due to the expected storm.  you will receive an IRIS alert soon.   Please be safe

Due to these snow days coming so close together,   I feel it is important that we  OPEN ON MARCH 20TH.    Originally this day was marked closed, but school will be in session and OPENED.

Paint Night – Our 1st Paint Night is scheduled for Friday, March 31st.  We need to guarantee 35 people.  If you are interested, please email Kristina Lambros at – you can send your form by Friday, March 17th, but we do need a count as soon as possible. Friends and family are welcome to join us.

My Special Guy Dance – Please return your form for this special event that is scheduled for March 24th.

Pizza Day – because of the snow day on March 10th – we missed our pizza day!.  We will use the money collected towards the March 24th pizza day.

Again, be safe, enjoy the snow.


GinaMarie Fonte